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Seat considered as a tool to simplify the work for the maker and as a learning medium for the new makers

STÖOL is a multifunctional seat created for the Fablab Torino spaces and for the makers who work there. Its main uses are in the clean room and in the dirty room: in the first one the seat can be used with a backrest and the base configured in its most stable position, while in the second one it is used by sitting astride, adjusting it to one of five height levels, with the base that can tilt forward. 


The project consists not only of the seat but also of a learning path through workshops designed around it. The workshops are designed to allow anyone to become a maker whether they are a beginner or already an expert in the craft. The workshops will tackle various design challenges, starting with the creation of the chair and ending with the redesign of certain elements, exploiting all the possibilities offered by technologies and machineries. The entire project aims to bring as many people as possible into the world of DIY and give those who already have the skills to get involved.

Role: Art director, Graphic designer, Illustrator, Photographer

Subject: Product components, Product design

Team: Ilaria Casa di Bari, Yichao Chen, Giulia Ferrantini, Matteo Garoglio, Irene Giardina Papa, Wenpei Li

Client: Fablab Torino

Video teaser

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