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Piero Percoco online exhibition

the rainbow is underestimated

The brand identity of freelance photographer Piero Percoco,
@therainbow_is underestimated, holds the concept of rainbow by extrapolating chromaticism into it, starting the identity work on logotype and typography. Continuing later with chromaticism as the reason for choosing three books. In a collection called: Blue, Red and Green. In which the focus on colour is the key. was a temporary online exhibition featuring 360° digital navigation. 
Set in Sannicandro di Bari, Apulia. It allowed the viewing of Piero Percoco's photographs in the actual place where they were taken. Realised with Google Maps, through the use of Streetview download 360 and iPanorama 360.
The navigation included the actual route of Sannicandro di Bari, for a length of 13.7 km and within the site this route is covered by 63 photographs by Piero Percoco.

The route varied according to the choice of navigation, allowing the user to arrive at places with more photographs present.
The site also included pages where it was possible to read about the project and in the gallery the photographs archived.
The promotion and publication of the exhibit was made known through a live Instagram on Piero Percoco's profile, viewed by a total of 865 users.

Role: Art director, Graphic designer, Web designer, UX Designer, UI Designer

Subject: Brand identity, Exhibit design

Bachelor's thesis: IAAD University

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