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Visualisation and understanding of data is very important to be able to deal with complex topics; there are different ways to achieve this, ours is a board game.

Data Rights is an educational game that aims to confront and reflect on the topic of censorship and the resulting freedom of the world in relation to certain categories. Simple forms, clear and easily learnable language are the methods for speaking critically and without influencing information.

The data was collected from annual reports that deal with the topic very carefully, here the main sources: Freedom House, Comparitech, CIA Server, ILGA World - The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association,

Role: Art director, Graphic designer, Illustrator

Subject: Educational board game, Data visualisation

Team: Ilaria Casa di Bari, Giacomo d'Agostino, Matteo Dellavalle, Irene Giardina Papa, Francesca Tuccillo

Project: Communicating complexity university project

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