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Amuerte Coca Leaf Gin

Life is a magic interlock of absence and presence. Absence can hide the presence of the unforeseen. 

Text on the inside: All is unexpectedly surprising for those who keep on searching. 

The project consists of the development of a luxurious packaging for a Wine & Spirits product. 

The brand chosen is Amuerte and the product is the Coca Leaf Gin.  



Life can be seen as a game of absence and presence. Absence can be considered as the presence of something unexpected. Presence can hide the absence of something that has ceased to exist. Life is a magic interlock of absence and presence. 


The packaging represents the concretization of the concepts of life and death, presence and absence.

Amuerte's motto is carpe diem, a reminder that death is never too far away and that life should therefore be lived to the fullest. 

The packaging is a reminder we should not stop searching for what we desire, despite all the apparent absences and because of all the hidden presences.

Role: Art director, Graphic designer, Illustrator

Subject: Packaging design, Vines & spirits

Project: Packaging design university project

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